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Greetings.  Welcome to a place of diversity–a place where you can read reviews of a variety of books, excerpts from my novels, reviews about my books–a place where you can connect with websites that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with writing but which tie in after all.  It is a place where you can seek out writing tips, share your ideas as I share mine.  And, of course, your visit wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the guestbook.  This past year has been a year of Vengeance–a thriller/suspense novel that has been gaining momentum with readers continent wide.  So what will this year bring?  Well, as I see it, May will usher in Fires of Fury.  This soon-to-be released book isn’t a traditional paper and cover variety.  It is published in e-format by Awe-struck e-books.  Come share my excitement over the prepublish review of this Inspirational mystery romance.

note of interest:*  7 Quills:      A very good book.  A fine example of its genre with perhaps only a single element missing to take it to the realms of the immortals.  I would highly recommend this book.


Title: Fires of Fury

Series: None

Author: Donna Dawson

Genre(s) / Subgenre(s): Inspirational Romance Mystery, Inspirational Romance

Published By: Awe-Struck E-Books

Format(s):  Electronic                      ISBN(s): Pending

Release Date: To Be Announced

Rating: 7.5


Is it a tragic suicide?  Was it a horrible murder perpetrated by persons unknown?  Or, is it someone carrying out a terrible hoax? These formidable questions plague Katherine after her husband’s funeral.  And for the distraught Katherine, finding the answers promises not only closure, but might just help free her from a terrible sense of guilt!  Fires of Fury by Donna Dawson is the story of Katherine’s personal mission to unravel the mysteries surrounding her estranged husband’s apparent suicide.  Moreover, as events soon prove, it turns out to be a dangerous mission, indeed!


In Donna Dawson’s, Fires of Fury, Katherine Matheson finds going to her husband’s funeral a trial, but also a revelation, and in more ways than one.  Before she even leaves the house, she spies a sealed letter posted by her dead husband to himself.  With no time to read it, because she is already late for the funeral, Katherine places the missive in a drawer.  Later, at the funeral and to her surprise, she not only discovers some old enemies present there, but a possible new friend as well, Police Officer Jason Wolfe.


He tells Katherine that her husband’s fiery death in his car might not be a suicide after all.  Officer Wolfe implies it might be murder! This news stuns poor Katherine, but also makes her oddly hopeful, for she now feels a dreadful guilt in being the possible cause of her husband’s suicide.  If it is no suicide, than she is not to blame.  This would be a great personal relief to her.  One more thing she discovers at the funeral — Katherine finds she likes Officer Wolfe a bit more than perhaps she should.


Afterwards, Katherine begins to have nightmares about her husband’s horrible ending.  Waking in the middle of the night, she spies a stranger standing in the shadows of her garden, apparently watching her house.  Katherine is at a loss as to who this could be and why he is watching her.  It seems to be just one more thing in a growing list of such odd items.


Katherine now finds herself drawn ever more to Officer Wolfe.  She discovers he is not only truly interested in unraveling the secrets of her husband’s terrible demise, but he seems to have strong feelings for her, as well.  Katherine increasingly wishes to return these feelings.  Together, and with his strong religious faith helping to revive her own, they embark on the quest to solve the death of Katherine’s husband, Darryl.  It turns out to be a pursuit that involves some surprising twists and turns, not to mention a major revelation.


I found Fires of Fury by Donna Dawson to be a good solid read, one that held my interest throughout.  Ms. Dawson seems more than proficient at descriptions.  She sets vivid scenes.  Ms. Dawson paints in details in such a loving way as to make them very believable.  She is adept at creating characters with which the reader can identify and about whom they will want to know more — much more.  One immediately sympathizes with Katherine Matheson, feels for her, and wants to know what really happened to her husband, Darryl.  Did he die of suicide?  If so, is she partly to blame?  Or, did somebody murder him?  These are all questions asked by the book, and which will make the reader eagerly want to know the answers.


The only negative I could find in Fires of Fury was that I felt its pace was rather slow at times.  Numerous flashbacks and lengthy, often intensive introspection on the part of the character, Katherine, seemed to contribute to this slowing.  And although Ms. Dawson is very good at descriptions, I felt that at times they could have been somewhat reduced in order to help the plot move a little more quickly.  However, these were minor problems for me.


Fires of Fury by Donna Dawson is an enjoyable romance mystery, one that will hold the reader’s attention, and keep them guessing.  Ms. Dawson smoothly incorporates an inspirational quality to Fires of Fury, along with a growing romance, and a suspenseful plot.  To do this, and to do it all so well, shows a real talent on the author, Ms. Dawson’s part.  An inspirational romance and mystery, Fires of Fury will not disappoint!  You would do very well to read Fires of Fury by Ms. Donna Dawson, for it is a book that inspires along with entertaining!


Reviewed By

Rob Shelsky©


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Vengeance has been chosen by Word Alive Press to be featured across Canada in their summer flier.  God is using this novel to reach people who are struggling with forgiveness.  My prayer is that you will be blessed through this story.

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